linda felcey

Alun Callender

Sussex Artists Project - An Artist In Nature

Hubert Haddad

Poet and Novelist.

Snow Berries  was used as the cover page for his recent novel 'Bowl Full Of Rain'.

Published by Ponteallegrazie.

Louisa Thompson Brits

Author Quotes on 'Winters Edge'

Lindas work comes from an intimate relationship with the natural world, from a distinct and respectful way of life in deep conversation with her surroundings, from close observation and quiet contemplation. Each piece is intricate, layered and luminous, capturing the elusive qualities of place, of shifting light and atmosphere, reflecting our relationship with the transient seasons and the ever changing weather here in Sussex.

Her work reminds us to pay attention to what exists in the margins - the hedgerows and little used paths of our landscape and awareness.

Sally Coulthard

Designer Author

STUDIO - Creative Spaces For Creative People

Lindas studio is included in this new publication due for release in March 2017.


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